Medical and Allied Health Specialisation

We specialise in Medical and Allied Health professionals to help you tackle the specific financial and medical challenges you face in your profession. You work so hard to help our community, our family, our friends and everyday strangers to improve their life as best you can. We share this philosophy to help those who help us by making life changing and meaningful financial decisions.

Medical professionals are typically time-poor individuals that are medically well trained, but often have not had financial training in school or otherwise on how to manage and protect their wealth. This presents a significant risk on top of the many day to day health risks you face. A few have been highlighted below.



We are here to help you, educate you, advocate for you and enrich your life and the lives of loves ones around you. We are a sure friend in uncertain times.

We also present at doctors practices, dentist practices and hospitals around Sydney to help educate medical professionals so they are not taken advantage of and have a better understanding on how the can improve their finances at different stages of your life.