Why Altitude Financial Management?

Altitude Financial Management provides a wholistic and simple service to unlock your financial success. Our business name is a reflection of phrase “Your aptitude and your attitude will ultimately determine your altitude”. It is on this basis that with the right guidance and education in partnership with your friendly Financial Adviser, we will take you to altitudes you never thought possible. We are proud of our role in helping our friends, family and clients to achieving financial success.

We are specialists in advising Medical Professionals and the risks and challenges they face.

  • AMP Certified
  • Australian Based Business
  • Medically Specialised

Your aptitude and your attitude will ultimately determine your Altitude

Client Testimonials

Jacinta is an incredibly intelligent, personable and highly strategic financial advisor. Jacinta views your financial position from a multifaceted, holistic perspective and takes the time to deeply understand your individual situation, lifestyle, habits, family and personal responsibilities, money strengths and weaknesses and your long term financial and lifestyle goals. Jacinta is patient and empathetic, she asks many questions and really takes the time to understand you and what you want both short and long-term. Jacinta demystifies the often complex world of finance and devises a financial plan that is easy to understand and most importantly makes you feel confident and in control of your financial goals. Jacinta is reliable and generous with her time and her advice, she is extremely passionate and genuinely cares about her clients and their future financial freedom. I would highly recommend Jacinta if you're looking for a Financial Advisor who will be with you for the long term and strategically work with you every step of the way to ensure your financial success.


I needed help and advice on how to maximise my super and now I’m on track to reaching my retirement number that will give me a worry free life. I’m also able to convert my money into wealth through good advice and by keeping me on track.


Jacinta Martin

  • BA in Business (Finance) jointed study in marketing
  • AMP accredited financial planner
  • Justices of the peace
  • Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning)
  • Accredited finance broker - mortgage consultant

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